Bird's Nest Fern watering, sunlight, propagation & more

by Abby Evans

Bird's nest ferns, also known as Asplenium nidus, are tropical plants that are native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia. They are popular houseplants because they are relatively easy to care for and can tolerate a wide range of indoor conditions.

Here are some general guidelines for watering, propagating, and fertilizing Bird's nest ferns:


  • Water your Bird's nest fern regularly to keep the soil evenly moist, but be careful not to overwater it.
  • Allow the top inch or so of soil to dry out between waterings.
  • Water the fern from the top, using tepid water.


  • Bird's nest ferns prefer indirect sunlight, so place them in a location where they will receive bright, indirect light.
  • Avoid placing them in direct sunlight, as this can cause the leaves to yellow and the plant to become stressed.


  • Bird's nest ferns do not need to be fertilized frequently, but you can give them a boost with a balanced liquid fertilizer once a month during the growing season (spring and summer).
  • Follow the instructions on the fertilizer label for the appropriate dilution and application frequency.
  • Avoid overfertilizing, as this can lead to excess salt buildup in the soil, which can be harmful to the plant.


  • Bird's nest ferns can be propagated by dividing the rootball and planting the divisions in separate pots.
  • Alternatively, you can propagate the fern by taking stem cuttings and rooting them in moist soil or water.

Overall, the key to keeping your Bird's nest fern healthy is to provide it with the right amount of moisture, light, and nutrients. With proper care, it should thrive and add a touch of tropical greenery to your home.

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