Plant Care for Croton Petra

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Welcome to Plant care guide for croton Petra, go through our Vlog for step by step information on how to take care of your croton petra.

Petra is one of the most popular croton varieties. The large leaves of yellow, burgundy, green, orange, and bronze are veined with oranges, reds, and yellows. It is a striking plant with stripes, splashes, spots, dots, bands, and blotches in a range of bold and vivid colors. Although usually grown indoors, bright (but not overly intense) sunlight brings out the amazing colors. 

Croton likes bright sunlight but benefits from partial or filtered shade during hot summer afternoons. Too much sunlight bleaches the colors in the leaves. Water croton until water trickles through the drainage hole when the top of the soil feels dry, and then allow the pot to drain freely. Croton is a light feeder that benefits from a monthly fertilization schedule. Use an organic fertilizer. 

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  • Krishan Singh

    Very detailed VLog on ceoton Petra and other varieties of croton, kudos

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