Fiddle Leaf Fig Large

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Large -
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Fiddle Leaf Fig Large

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Fiddle leaf figs are popular houseplants known for their large, glossy leaves. They prefer bright, indirect light.

To water your fiddle leaf fig, thoroughly soak the soil until water begins to drain from the bottom of the pot. Avoid getting the leaves wet, as this can lead to fungal issues. If the leaves of your fiddle leaf fig start to yellow or droop, this may be a sign that it is not getting enough water. In this case, you can increase the frequency of watering, making sure to thoroughly soak the soil each time.

It's also important to pay attention to the potting mix you use for your fiddle leaf fig. A well-draining mix is essential to prevent root rot, which can occur if the plant is left standing in water for too long. A mix of potting soil, peat moss, and perlite or vermiculite is a good choice for fiddle leaf figs.

Overall, the key to caring for a fiddle leaf fig is to provide it with bright, indirect light and to water it regularly, but not too frequently. By paying attention to these basic needs, you can keep your fiddle leaf fig healthy and thriving.

What Comes In The Box


 1 Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant, 24 " Tall Plant

 Pot  6" Plastic pot
 Soil  With Special Fertilizer For Slow Release Mechanism


We do not repot the plants before sending, hence our plants are in the same pot you will be getting for a fairly long time and all our plants are well grounded and healthy with required nutrients in the soil, we take special care for packing so that plant is not damaged while it is en-route to you

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