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Money Plant Golden

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The Money Plant Golden is well-known among home gardeners for its never-say-die attitude. This plant can withstand neglect and adapt to nearly any growing environment, quickly filling your space with a trailing growth of bright green coloured foliage. An air purifier with a simple tropical design that can be adapted for any space.

Plant Parenting Tips
Feed your money plant with organic fertilizers once a month in winters and every two weeks from spring to summer. Also use a well rotten cow dung manure at the time of potting and repotting the plant. Once your Money Plant is growing well and thriving, repot it in a slightly larger pot when it becomes root bound and the growth slows down. Money plant is one of the easiest plants to be propagated and it can be done through stem cuttings. Simply cut the stem ensuring that there is at least one root node in each cutting, either root the cutting in water or plant it directly in soil ensuring that the root node is inside the growing medium.

The Money Plant requires bright, indirect, or dappled natural sunlight to thrive. This low-maintenance houseplant thrives in bright light. Your Money Plant will be harmed if it is exposed to direct sunlight. Money plant can also be grown in full shade indoors. Beautiful variegations on the leaves can sometimes be seen in low to medium light.

Money Plants thrive in warm, shady areas with indirect sunlight, so choose a placement accordingly. Your money plant can be kept indoors in your living room, kitchen, or even on your desk! The money plant adds a splash of gorgeous green colour to any environment, quickly livening it up. Allow it to climb walls, trail from shelves, or simply blanket the surface.
Plant Parent Level - Beginner 
What comes in the Box

Plant  1 Well Grounded & Healthy Golden Money Plant, 4 " Tall Plant
Pot  Low Cost Plastic Pot of 4" x  4 "

 With Special Fertilizer For Slow Release Mechanism

We do not repot the plants before sending, hence our plants are in the same pot you will be getting for a fairly long time and all our plants are well grounded and healthy with required nutrients in the soil, we take special care for packing so that plant is not damaged while it is en-route to you

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