Peace Lily Small

Peace Lily Small -
Peace Lily Small -
Peace Lily Small -
Peace Lily Small -

Peace Lily Small

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What's in the Box 

Plant  1 Well Grounded & Healthy Peace Lily Plant, 4 " Tall Plant
Pot  Low Cost Plastic Pot of 4" x 4"
Soil  Special Soil Mix to retain Moisture & Slow Release Fertilizer

Peace lilies make beautiful indoor plants for your home or office. These lovely plants not only illuminate the living space but also provide excellent air purification. Typically, these plants have green leaves and white "flowers". What most people think of as a flower is actually a special leafy plant that grows hidden above the flowers.

Peace lilies do not need frequent fertilizing. Fertilizing with a balanced fertilizer one to two times per year will be enough to keep the plant happy. Like many indoor plants, peace lilies enjoy a moderate light. What kind of light you need to provide will depend largely on what you want your peaceful lily plant to look like. Peace lilies that are placed in more light tend to produce the lovely white spathes and flowers more, while peace lilies in low light will bloom less and will look more like a traditional foliage plant

One of the most common mistakes in the care of peace lilies is overwatering. Peace lilies are far more tolerant of underwatering than overwatering, which is one of the most common reasons for a peace lily to die. It is because of this, you should never water peace lily plants on a schedule. Rather, you should check them once a week to see if they need to be watered. Simply touch the top of the soil to see if it is dry. If it is, water your peace lily. If the soil is still damp, the plant does not need to be watered. Some people will go so far as to wait until their peace lily is starting to droop before watering their plant. As these plants are very drought tolerant, this method does not harm the plant and will prevent overwatering. 

We do not repot the plants before sending, hence our plants are in the same pot you will be getting for a fairly long time and all our plants are well grounded and healthy with required nutrients in the soil, we take special care for packing so that plant is not damaged while it is en-route to you

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